Creating a modern living room begins with the right furniture. A modern sofa, coffee tables or armchair can make or break the outcome of any room. But when you find the right sectional or modern recliner to build around, you are only some paint and accessories away from creating your perfect modern living room set. At Modern Digs we are here to help. We understand that contemporary modern living room furniture must marry comfort and your sense of style. You want to see a unique, affordable collection of products and price is important. That's why we offer the very best selection of contemporary living room sets for your home. We are constantly searching the world for new products and designs. Our goal is always to find the perfect blend of design and value. To meet that goal we only work with the best manufacturers and we price our merchandise as low as possible. In fact, we even offer our Best Price Guarantee. So take a look around. Whether you need sofas, glass coffee table or sectional for the living room, we've got it.

How To Create Your Dream Modern Living Room

If you're like us, the living room is the centre of your home - the place you chill on the weekend, play games with the kids, or just catch up on a good book. Regardless of how you use your space, we know you want it to look clean and modern, without sacrificing comfort!

Crafting the ideal modern living room begins with maximizing your seating space. If you've got the space, we recommend starting with a contemporary sectional sofa. Sectionals have an undeniable upside: their l-shaped design replaces floor space you would usually use for end tables with plush comfortable sofa. So you not only have more space to relax, you get to sidestep the really tough decisions like "what end table should I buy?"

If you can't fit a sectional, no worries! Add in a combination of sofas and loveseats to create a cozy conversation space. Even a small apartment can swing a stylish sofa or one of our cool sofa beds! You can't make your space bigger, but make use of the space you have to create the ultimate pad!

Another way to maximize seating is to look for ways to add accent furniture. One or two side chairs beside the fireplace enables you to add new colors and textures into your living space, making it truly yours! Or add a bench or chaise along a wall or in a niche to create a cozy reading nook.

Once you've created a seating "base" in your home, the next step is to add functionality! Built-ins are the ultimate contemporary modern furniture solution in a living room - there's nothing cooler than a stylish built-in cabinet and wall mounted television to keep your space feeling open and airy. Nevertheless, some of our cabinets and shelving give custom built-ins a run for their money! In a modern living room, only add storage you need! A cool TV stand are usually enough. Unless you have kids! If that's you, an extra cabinet or two to hide their toys is the way to go.


What types of furniture can be accommodated in a living room setup?

When it comes to setting up for the living room, the furniture that enhances the appearance of the space are living room sofa sets, recliners, ottomans, seatings, TV stand, wall units, and diwans.

What are the top recliners that you recommend for designing the living room setup?

Royaloak has a vast range of top-notch recliners available to give a sophisticated as well as classy look to your living space. The top selling recliners are fabric recliners, home theatre recliners, leatherette recliners, leather recliners, single seater recliners, and two-seater recliners.

What is the price of sofa sets available in your online store?

Customers are able to check the sofa set price on the Royaloak official website. From sofa sets to single seater sofas, two-seater and three-seater sofa sets, all ranges of sofa items are available on the platform.

Are there any hidden charges apart from the cost of living room furniture items?

No, we don’t charge any additional charges apart from the cost of the furniture and tax. Customers can easily go through the prices of items on the website and select as required.

Do you charge fees for delivering living room furniture items?

We do not charge delivery fees from customers. Our service offers free delivery of furniture all across India and the states.

How do you craft a modern living room space?

An ideal modern living room can be enhanced with a contemporary sofa set, a home theatre recliner for the entertainment zone followed by a glass centre table, along with a cool TV stand goes perfectly well for a contemporary living room.

How to select the right furniture for my living room?

At the time of choosing the right furniture types for your living room, one must consider a few factors. The factors generally include your budget, the size capacity of the living room, the home decorative style, the design of furniture you want and the size of the furniture.
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