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Modern Dining Room Sets for Your Home

We at Royaloak,know that your dining room is a place to come together as family. At Modern Digs, we want to help you find affordable modern dining room furniture sets that suit the beauty of those gatherings. Here you'll find items with natural elements and clean lines, like this concrete dining table, perfect for your home. From our modern dining tables to modern bar stools, each item has been chosen for quality and style. From comfortable, modern dining chairs to modern barstools for the kitchen. You'll find them here. But don't stop at our sideboards and cabinets. We at Royaloak, also offer décor and rugs - home accents hand-selected to help you complete your modern dining room set. Get comfortable. Thousands of items are here, ready to help you create the dining space of your dreams!

The Elements of a Modern Dining Room

Creating the dining room of your dreams is a matter of finding a few key pieces you love, and then adding in just enough accents to make the room really pop!

As you can guess, the key component to any dining room is the dining table. We know it's tempting to find the biggest dining table possible, especially when you focus on how often you host Thanksgiving, or wonder how you ended up with So . Many. In-laws! But we're hoping to convince you to find a modern dining table suited to actually fit your space. There's no way to create a modern dining set if the furniture feels like it's too big for the room. We recommend leaving at least 42" around your entire table - anything less starts to feel cramped, and 48" is ideal!

Sometimes that means your ideal table only seats six, but you really need to seat eight for holidays... Enter the extension dining table! Extension tables are an easy way to you to add two to four chairs around your table during the holidays, without having to commit to a massive table the rest of the year!

Now add chairs to create your very own dining room set. But that's the easy part! Once you know how many you need, you have to actually, you know, choose chairs you like. Keep in mind three easy approaches to choosing chairs for your space: First, you can match them to the table creating a simple, cohesive look typical in ultramodern and modern interiors. Alternatively, you can choose a set of matching chairs that contrast with your table - picture a high gloss white table with walnut dining chairs. This approach gives the room more depth, and it's more typical in mid-century modern dining rooms. Finally, you can go more bohemian and choose a collection of mix and match dining chairs! Any approach will get you the modern dining table set you crave!

The final aspect of your dining room puzzle comes down to making the space work for you... both functionally and aesthetically! If you have room, a cool sideboard or display cabinet is a great component to add. Not only will a buffet give you a good deal of extra storage for serving ware or even board games, but it will add an additional decorative layer into the room making the entire design feel more cohesive. A rug, art and accents you love can add the finishing touches to your modern dining room furniture set. Add pops of colour, or shoot for a more modern feel with monochromatic pieces!


How much is the cost of the dining table set?

A modern dining table set can come at a budget-friendly cost. A huge range of dining tables is available on the website along with different price ranges.

What are the best dining table options available in Royaloak?

Multiple ranges of distinct dining table sets are available for small to big families. The dining table set includes a 4 seater dining table set, 6 seater dining table sets, and many others.

How to select the best dining table set along with a chair?

A number of factors are to be considered prior to buying a dining table set such as the space of your dining area, the home decor with which you need to match the dining set, and the usage purpose. The usage depends upon whether you want storage space, a foldable dining set, or others.

Is there any additional cost added to furniture costs?

No, there are no additional costs that we charge for the delivery of the dining furniture. It varies depending upon the distance of the delivery location.

What are the right ways to choose the dining table set?

With a view to selecting the right furniture set for your dining area, one needs to consider the size of the dining hall, the shape of the area, and decor of the space, and the space it has for accommodating the dining table set, crockery unit, and others. A precise 2 to 3 seater dining table set can save more space and also appear classy before the guests that visit your place.

Do you assemble the dining sets?

The dining set that we deliver to customers can be easily assembled at home. Our delivery agents can assemble the furniture combinations without any additional costs.

Do you offer any guarantee regarding the dining furniture?

Yes, we offer guarantees on every furniture item.
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